Rivers Knows

I was with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha the first time I met my friend Rivers. He was very small, just being born in fact. Now he is a young man – brilliant, witty and gregarious.


Rivers Knows

Rivers is eight. He knows what matters. Here’s a recent conversation…

Rivers: (Wearing his cool shades like Neo, in The Matrix.) “Did you know that someday there’s going to be a big city built there?”

Me: “Where?”

Rivers: “You know – um – that place.”

Me: “Meadview?” (A town we had recently visited in Arizona.)

Rivers: “No, not Meadview! It’s – um – what do you call it – SPACE!!” (Points to the night sky where we can see a sliver of the moon.)

Me: “Are you going to live there?”

Rivers: (Serious expression.) “Only if there’s a good view. A good view of all the planets.”

Got the picture?

~ Agi’sti Tis’stu