How can we make the world a better place for everyone?

rune-nauthizThe rune I drew this morning with this question in mind is NAUTHIZ. It is the rune that represents the sense of lack, something not fulfilled or a need. It could be anything material, emotional or spiritual. There are some rune interpreters that say drawing this rune is not a good sign because it focuses on not having. It makes sense to me that it came forward due to the nature of the question I asked. We, as humans have a tendency to believe that we either have something or we don’t. According to mystics and quantum physicists, everything we could ever desire is right here, right now because we exist in a field of unlimited possibilities. It is the core essence of everything, including us, which means everything we want is already a part of us. What we actually have or experience is limited only by our beliefs. I see this rune telling us that we live on a planet that comes packaged with everything we could ever desire, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What we can do to make the world better for everyone is find ways to network people together with solutions. There cannot be a problem without a solution. Each one of us is born with the ability to see certain solutions that will take care of the needs of others. Our willingness to share what we know, to reach out and act like we are all in the same community is the answer.


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