What can we do to break free of limitations?

ansuz-invertedThe rune for this question today is ANSUZ, inverted. It symbolizes all forms of creativity, music, the arts, literature, the birth of a child or an endeavor coming into fruition. Many see it as the rune used by the divine to send direct communications. In the case where it is inverted, there is a suggestion of an authority figure that is blocking progress. This could be a parent, a teacher, an employer or a spiritual leader – anyone that is an authority in our lives. However, this is a time to take an honest look at what we perceive. Is this authority really causing an impediment to our progress or are we resisting their genuine assistance? Real change involves doing something totally different. It can feel terribly uncomfortable, even suppressing to step outside our usual behavior. To this point we have been interpreting the world with a limited perspective. The authority figure might just have a view of the bigger picture that is precisely what we need. The rune is advising us that the wisdom we need to break free of our limitations is within our immediate circle of contacts, but we must be open and willing to accept it.


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