How can we achieve the success we deeply desire?

mannaz-invertedMANNAZ inverted is the rune that came forward today. In its upright form it represents the joining together of people for the purpose of achieving a common goal. The success we desire happens when our goals flow into a greater purpose for the benefit of the many – the community or all of mankind. When this rune is drawn in its inverted form it is telling us to look within to remove obstacles that are acting as a barrier. It’s time to take a self-inventory. Do we have any agenda other than one that would lift others as we lift ourselves up? Remember that real success involves accomplishing our goals on all fronts. It includes health, wealth and happiness. This is the time to find peace by taking responsibility for our motives and resolving imbalances. Mannaz inverted advises us to take time to reflect inward through quiet time and meditation.


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