How can we improve the harmony in our relationships with others?

Berkano-runeThe rune is BERKANO. It is symbolic of new life beginnings and personal liberation from past restrictions. It indicates a powerful energy of nurturing, protection, support and creation, much like the bond between a parent and a child. Can you imagine how much better the world would be if we treated everyone in our circle of contacts with same care we would give to our sons and daughters? Keep in mind that each one of us is a human development project. We continue to grow and learn until the day we die, and if we were perfect we would probably ascend! Think about a little child struggling to interpret the world and grow into maturity. A loving parent would have that child’s back, so to speak, guiding them to improve their skills and to make sense of life. In our adult relationships it helps to remember that although we have adult bodies, we may still have the emotional maturity of a 2-year-old. When we witness the people around us acting out, we have a choice. We can act out with them, or we can become the nurturing parent that assists them to resolve the dilemma they are experiencing. We can use the healing and life-giving energies of Berkano to nurture harmonious relationships with others.


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