What can we do right now to get better results?

DagazDAGAZ is the rune. It symbolizes the dawn, a new awareness, and a new consciousness emerging. As the old ways of thinking fade away, new opportunities arise, just as the night gives way for the dawning of the new day. Here we are reminded of the natural cycle of the universe. Drawing this rune indicates that we have already come through the challenges and wonderful events are about to happen. We have put in the hard work. A major transformation is upon the horizon. In answer to the question, the results have arrived. I would like to note here that this is usually a time when we tend to freak out a little. The goal we have been working to achieve is so close we can “smell” it. It’s like feeding the dog in the morning. He has been waiting patiently for hours while you get out of bed and head to the cupboard where his kibbles are stored. As you open up the bag he starts jumping around like a frenzied lunatic. Can you relate to that feeling? The energy has been building up. Now that you can see the results falling into place you want to explode if you don’t get them in your hands RIGHT NOW! Dagaz is showing us that we are in clear sailing, so my recommendation is we channel our energies into giving as much gratitude as possible for the fruits we are about to harvest.


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