How can we take courage to go the final mile?

Othala-runeOTHALA popped up to answer this question. This rune represents land and property held by the ancient clans, where there is a deep connection to the individual member of the clan. It is the physical manifestation of the rewards resulting from the efforts of the previous generations that were handed off to the current generations. It is strongly related to our ancestry and the lineages that make us who we are, the nobility that is in our past and is our destiny. Othala speaks of inheritance and wealth, both materially and spiritually. There is a dilemma we face as humans that happens just before we reach the finish line for an intention we have set out to accomplish. It’s the feeling of wanting to give up when we are almost there. The prize is right in front of us but all we can think about is the overwhelming weight of all the hard work and sacrifice we have made to get this far. It is a moment when our commitment to achieve success is tested in a big way. We have a choice to lay down in exhaustion because we just can’t take it anymore, or we can push beyond what we believed we could do and reach for greatness. Othala clearly states that greatness is at the core of our being. The sole purpose of the existence of our ancestors was for us to be here in this moment, crossing the finish line, reaching for the crowning glory. It’s time to take courage, step it up a notch and bring home the prize.



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