How can we stay in touch with the bigger picture?

Wunjo-runeWUNJO is the rune. This wonderful rune represents glory, bliss and joy. It is the time after a long struggle when victory has been achieved and the celebrations are in full swing. Drawing this rune is a reminder that the journey is just as important as the destination. It is important to derive as much happiness along the way as you would upon reaching the destination. In the ultimate sense, it is a spiritual state of indescribable bliss. In reference to the question, a feeling of joy happens when we are in touch with the bigger picture. It is the connection with our true purpose and divine self. And it is possible to experience this even in the small details because they are contained within the big picture. The nitty gritty details of life can be stressful but they are necessary. In moments of frustration or other not so pleasant emotions, take a moment to step back and consider how this moment fits into the big picture, our ultimate purpose. Feel the joy and allow it to permeate the moment. We are in the journey and it’s just fine to celebrate right now!



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