How do we get in touch with the unstoppable drive within that guarantees our success?

raido-runeThe rune is RAIDO. It symbolizes riding, a journey or a chariot. It references the sun as it moves across the sky like a mighty rolling cartwheel. It represents nobility and acting honorably because of its association with the leaders of ancient times that rose horses. It indicates the ability to discern and do what is in the best interests of everyone involved. Drawing Raido suggests a journey is at hand, either physical or spiritual. Considering the question that was asked, it could be both, but definitely a spiritual journey is necessary. Within each of us is the pure, untarnished soul we are at our innermost being. As we move through life and the world, we pick up ideas and beliefs that are not pure. Greed, jealousy, dishonesty and abusiveness, to name a few. These weigh on us like a layer of thick tar that prevent us from moving swiftly and unhindered to our goals. The result is apathy, and willingness to surrender to a mediocre life of suffering. The journey within requires facing every harmful characteristic we have decided to take on. Once we take the blinders off and admit what we are really like, we can make a choice to change. We can let go of that destructive behavior and replace it with powerful, effective ways of being. The more tar we remove, the lighter we become and thus, the more energy we have to move forward into our ideal lives. Raido calls for us to act in ways that with command respect, and in this case self-respect is equally important. The first step to touching the unstoppable drive within is deciding we truly desire the rewards of health, wealth and happiness. We have to want it more than anything else and be willing to do what it takes.




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