How can we maintain an attitude of gratitude?

Tiwaz-runeTIWAZ is the rune that represents the ancient Norse warrior (Tyr) who gave his hand to a giant wolf that was threatening to devour the entire universe. In exchange for his hand, Tyr’s people were saved. It is an extremely positive rune that signifies effective leadership through selflessness and sacrifice. Compared with what there is to gain, the sacrifice can seem relatively minor. We can ask, “What are we willing to give up and replace with a constant state of appreciation?” With the understanding that what we think literally attracts the people, events and things that show up in our lives, it would make sense to manage our thoughts. For example, complaining about something attracts more of the same thing. Expressing gratitude for something we are happy about draws more of that into our lives. There is something in every situation we encounter and in every person we meet that we can be grateful for. A skilled leader knows how to draw out the best in a person. Tiwaz calls on us to be the best that we can be. It’s true that sometimes we have to make sacrifices, but isn’t it cool that we had something of value we could give up in order to have the greater gain!


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