How can we get past self-doubt?

DagazIn this moment, DAGAZ, which symbolizes the dawn of a new day, speaks to us of possibilities and a shift in our underlying expectations. It is the rune of playfulness and fun. It is an indication of happiness and prosperity, with big changes in the works. So what needs to change? A tendency we humans have is to use up our mind-space thinking about all the times we have failed. Yet, any successful person will tell you it took hundreds of failures for them to finally get it together. I once heard a self-made millionaire tell an audience that if they were not failing at least 300 times a day, they would not get the results they desired. The underlying shift that must happen is for us to stop seeing our screw ups as a permanent downfall. We learn from our mistakes and get better. It’s time to give appreciation for all that life has taught us and to focus on every achievement we have successfully accomplished. Celebrate every step forward. When feelings of self-doubt arise, replace them with the list of our triumphs.



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