What can we do to keep a positive outlook?

Eihwaz-runeEIHWAZ is the rune that represents the Yew tree, which remains supple and strong in any season. It is resilient even in harsh conditions. In reference to the question, it’s not too difficult for us to maintain a positive outlook when everything is “coming up roses”, but what do we do the rest of the time? We have to admit that our resolve to look on the bright side is tested when things are not going our way. Here’s the good news – drawing this rune indicates that although things may seem tough or gloomy, the change we desire is at hand. The boughs of the Yew tree were also used to make hunting bows. Just as the hunter waits patiently for the target to step perfectly into the sights, we must remain calm while the necessary elements of change shift into place. The hunter knows better than to give into emotional drama, lest it should cloud his/her keen instincts. Whether it feels like it or not, progress is happening. When the new situation manifests, we can act boldly and swiftly. Maintaining a positive attitude is a choice. If we are having negative thoughts – evict them now.


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