Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor on Creating Your Reality According to The New Quantum Physics


Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor is the host of Quantum Leap Book Club, an international radio program that airs on Law of Attraction Radio Network. To listen to the archived shows go to:

Quantum physicist, Fred Alan Wolf tells us “there is no reality without perception of reality”, in his book, “Mind Into Matter”. In this episode, Pa’Ris’Ha and her international panel move us through the debate between the old, Darwinian model of reality, which states we are at the whim of the external environment, and the new quantum model which posits that we are in fact, the creators of our own destinies.

But first, we must sort out what is real and what is illusion. How is it that we can lose all sense of time doing something we love, yet while engaged in activities we find disagreeable, every tick of the second hand feels like it is dragging on forever?

Why do we give such authority to the physical body? Technically, our body is the ultimate organic machine for sensing data from the environment. Its job is to feed us information, yet we bow to it as if the master of our fate.

Are human emotions as real as we believe? Or could it be that they are nothing more than the outcome of the actions of electrons and photons? When love and hate unite, it is possible that we can experience enlightenment?

Is it intelligent to say that what we experience as “out there” is separate from what is happening “in here”? Or, is intelligence an illusion too?

Once we can distinguish between illusion and what is on the other side of the veil, we have a chance to become the master creators of our realities. It is within our reach to do just as the ancient alchemists did – transmute our ordinary, mortal lives into a new vision through a new understanding of information.

This episode with Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor was originally aired on March 29th, 2019.




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