Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor on Synchronicity: The Power to Shift the Inertia of the Past


Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor is the host of Quantum Leap Book Club, an international radio program that airs on Law of Attraction Radio Network. To listen to the archived shows go to:

As a quantum scientist, it is Fred Alan Wolf’s responsibly to question the nature of our reality from every possible angle. In his book, “Mind Into Matter,” he forces us to fire new neural pathways in our brains by challenging us to examine our historical ways of thinking.

“I think, therefore I am.” Have we simply agreed to Decartes’ famous philosophical proposition to be part of the status quo? Or, as Dr. Wolf ponders, is more like, “I am, therefore I think?”

Pa’Ris’Ha and her international team, having recently traveled to an ancient part of our civilized planet – Cairo, Egypt, use their experiences there to shed new light on what it means to be trapped in the inertia of the past and what is required to shift to a new direction. The first consideration is the meaning of “I am”? Does this refer to us as individual organic units or is it the recognition of our connection to the universal mind?

Ultimately, we think, and therefore we create the experience of self. But as universal beings we can access the power of synchronicity and shake the force of inertia to its roots. To achieve the greater harmony, for not a moment can we afford to think with negativity. Through unity we can all move toward love and shift the historical balance for humanity to all good things.

This episode with Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor was originally aired on April 26th, 2019.