Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor on Inertia: The Mysterious Resistance


Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor is the host of Quantum Leap Book Club, an international radio program that airs on Law of Attraction Radio Network. To listen to the archived shows go to:

When working toward personal transformation, we have the human tendency to give up when we experience resistance, somehow believing it is a sign from the universe to stop. In “Mind Into Matter”, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf shows us from the quantum perspective why the opposite is true. He tells us that resistance is essential to manifestation.

Pa’Ris’Ha and her international panel delve into the force of inertia and how it, like the “trickster” that guards the door between the real and the imaginal strives to keep us where we have always been. Like the caterpillar pushing against the confines of the chrysalis to at last become the butterfly, creating a new life requires pushing through our current reality into the imaginal – the unknown.

When we make a decision to do something new and different, our minds naturally present us with the reasons why not to pursue change. Inertia identifies our imitations. Do we balk or do we use what inertia is showing us to break free and live our vision of the future in the now?

As the Borg of the Star Trek series have determined, “Resistance is futile.” If we are too comfortable, we are not learning and not changing. Dr. Wolf cautions us that the “trickster” will always attempt step between us and who we desire to be, so we must “show the trickster a few tricks”. He tells us that the greatest inertia to overcome is the “illusion that we are separate from anything else – in particular, that we are separate from what we desire.”

Listen in to our program each week – Dr. Fred Alan Wolf himself, has been known to make an appearance!

This episode with Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor was originally aired on May 5th, 2019.


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