Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor on the Quantum Physics of Experience


Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor is the host of Quantum Leap Book Club, an international radio program that airs on Law of Attraction Radio Network. To listen to the archived shows go to:

How does a quantum physicist explain the overlap of consciousness and quantum physics? According to Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, in his book, ‘Mind Into Matter”, the quantum rule is that nothing is real until it is observed by the observer (us)! Everything is a tendency toward existence, rather than physical existence itself. Therefore, we have unlimited possibilities for experiential outcomes. In fact, Dr. Wolf tells us, we exist in multiple parallel universes.

Then why do we continue getting the same results – seemingly doomed to repeat the past? Again we are warned of the ‘trickster’ that stands between us and infinite possibilities in the imaginal realm. Tune into Quantum Leap Book Club, where Pa’Ris’Ha and her international panel skillfully guide us through the maze of confused thinking to a place of clarity, where the life we truly desire moves from possibility to probability to reality!

This episode with Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor was originally aired on May 10th, 2019.


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