What can we do to break free of limitations?

ansuz-invertedThe rune for this question today is ANSUZ, inverted. It symbolizes all forms of creativity, music, the arts, literature, the birth of a child or an endeavor coming into fruition. Many see it as the rune used by the divine to send direct communications. In the case where it is inverted, there is a suggestion of an authority figure that is blocking progress. This could be a parent, a teacher, an employer or a spiritual leader – anyone that is an authority in our lives. However, this is a time to take an honest look at what we perceive. Is this authority really causing an impediment to our progress or are we resisting their genuine assistance? Real change involves doing something totally different. It can feel terribly uncomfortable, even suppressing to step outside our usual behavior. To this point we have been interpreting the world with a limited perspective. The authority figure might just have a view of the bigger picture that is precisely what we need. The rune is advising us that the wisdom we need to break free of our limitations is within our immediate circle of contacts, but we must be open and willing to accept it.


How do we know if we are on the right track?

Runic_letter_algizThe rune is ALGIZ, which symbolizes defense, protection and sanctuary. It was used on the shields, swords and spears of warriors as a mark of protection and a safe place from harm. When this rune appears it is notification to the seeker that there is a need to protect against something, yet within the same energy is contained the force that ensures he or she will come to no harm. It references our natural internal system of checks and balances that do keep us on track with our purpose. I see Algiz as the assurance that although we may lose our perspective in the moment to moment busy-ness of life, there is an intelligence within us that has our backs, so to speak. It talks to us through our “gut” feelings, letting us know if we are engaging in activities that are beneficial for ourselves and others or not. It is the part of us that is connected to the bigger picture and is the ever present sanctuary. It feeds us information and creative ideas that keep us on course.



How can we make the world a better place for everyone?

rune-nauthizThe rune I drew this morning with this question in mind is NAUTHIZ. It is the rune that represents the sense of lack, something not fulfilled or a need. It could be anything material, emotional or spiritual. There are some rune interpreters that say drawing this rune is not a good sign because it focuses on not having. It makes sense to me that it came forward due to the nature of the question I asked. We, as humans have a tendency to believe that we either have something or we don’t. According to mystics and quantum physicists, everything we could ever desire is right here, right now because we exist in a field of unlimited possibilities. It is the core essence of everything, including us, which means everything we want is already a part of us. What we actually have or experience is limited only by our beliefs. I see this rune telling us that we live on a planet that comes packaged with everything we could ever desire, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What we can do to make the world better for everyone is find ways to network people together with solutions. There cannot be a problem without a solution. Each one of us is born with the ability to see certain solutions that will take care of the needs of others. Our willingness to share what we know, to reach out and act like we are all in the same community is the answer.


What can we do today to increase our happiness?

rune-jeraWhat can we do today to increase our happiness? The rune that came forward to answer this question is JERA.

Jera symbolizes two scythes poised to sweep across fields of wheat, rye and flax, indicating that the harvest of your efforts is about to happen. It represents abundance and plenty, material manifestation and gain. It can also be the reminder to stay motivated and see your hard work through to a successful completion. A couple things come to mind as I study this rune. First, when we are doing the work, it’s common for us to become so immersed in the nitty gritty details of a project that we lose sight of the overall picture and we don’t notice how far we have actually progressed. This is a reminder to acknowledge the work we have already accomplished and give ourselves credit, a pat on the back. Second, I know from experience one of the biggest challenges we have as humans is to see things through to completion. We push hard to make things happen, but in the final moments just before we reach the target, we give up in exhaustion. Our fears and self doubts take over. Again, this rune reminds us to keep going that final mile; the rewards are waiting for us at the finish line. Keep our chins up and go for it, success is imminent. Hold to the course and be open to receive the rewards and the change about to happen.