Love Letter from a Bodhisattva


Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha encourages people to write love letters to the One, to themselves. Here is one I wrote…

My beloved, this day is special for us because it marks a passage of time in our lives together.  When I look into your eyes I see something wonderful that fills my heart with happiness and joy.   On this special day I wish to express the depth of my love for you and the gladness I feel for having you in my life. 

Sometimes I forget to tell you how much I care.  Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with love for you that I cannot find the words to say how much I appreciate you.  Sometimes I am simply too angry, stubborn or frustrated to let you know that even when things are not going well, my love for you is constant. 

In those moments, when my words don’t come easily, know that as sure as there are mountains that reach to the sky and pebbles that lay upon the ocean shores, my love for you spans all time and is as old as the earth itself. 

Know that as in the clarity of a pure quartz crystal, you help me to see clearly in times of confusion. 

Know that as in the softness and vulnerability of a rabbit that must use sheer determination to protect its own life, you help me to find the courage to go beyond my fears and become all that I can be. 

And as in the everlasting nature of the pine tree that remains green throughout the seasons, you help me to find faith within myself, to know that I have endless love to give and that I am also loved beyond measure.

And when the wind comes to you with the fragrance of wildflowers and sunshine, know that your presence gives me indescribable sweetness and richness beyond compare.

My beloved, know with certainty that as with the first birdsong upon the rising of the sun, each and every morning when all of life awakens to the new day, my love for you is renewed and all that lies before us is the promise of time yet to come, where we will share our precious love for each other and fulfill our dreams of happiness. 

On this special day, I give appreciation for all that you are to me and for the infinite ways you bring joy to my life.

“As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery… we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.” ~ Dalai Lama

~ Agi’sti Tis’stu

Love is the Silver Ladder


Love is the Silver Ladder

If my body was a beautiful palace of many rooms,

my heart would be one of those fine, spacious rooms

located about chest-height, comparatively speaking.

The room my heart occupied would glow warmly with soft, golden light

emanating from the floor,

made from the boughs and trunk of the white pine of peace,

polished to a high shimmer.

The walls would be the gentle white of adobe, reminiscent of the

inviting homes set in the Arizona desert,

whose heat is the fire that melts away all that is not of purity

and beauty.

The walls of my heart’s room would be bare except for the presence

of many expansive, crystal-clear windows,

providing an excellent view to all that is beautiful and awe-inspiring

not only in this world, but in a multitude of worlds.

There would be no furniture other than luxurious heaps of brilliantly-hued cushions

and woven rugs collected on journeys through exotic lands,

One could nestle comfortably amongst these cushions and rugs, and be tantalized

by the hint of spice and aromatic oils.

And oh, the bounteous pots of glorious green plants that would

thrive in the room of my heart,

Verdant tropical trees and palms, luscious flowering plants

native to the jungle and south-sea islands.

The room would be alive with health and vitality.

My heart place would be the most harmonious and holy room imaginable,

uniting the myriad textures of experience

into an orchestration of musical genius.

On the outside, one of the windows would be decorated with

vibrant red paint.

The fiery red of life-force and vitality.

The fiery red of sexual combustion.

The fiery red of birthing blood.

Leading up to the red-frame window would be a silver ladder,

like the silver umbilical river

the soul rides through this universe and beyond.

The silver ladder studded with the crystalline stars

of the Milky Way.

This ladder would reach to the open window of my heart,

inviting my lover to enter,

My lover would be, and is, all that moves on the wind of beauty,

the divine wind of joy.

My body is a beautiful temple of many fine rooms,


Love is the silver ladder reaching to the red-frame window

of my heart.


~ Agi’sti Tis’stu

Inspired by Grandmother Pa’Ris’ha